Friday, November 14, 2008


Finally ending a good, long, hard week of work here in India.  Enjoying a little downtime tonight, hanging out in the room watching tv and eating pizza. (and writing a blog post)

So, I'm staying at a Sheraton here in Chennai.  Apparently they hired an insane person masquerading as a marketing dipshit.  Said "dipshit" designed a marketing strategy wherein they precede as many simple common terms with a prefix of "Welcom" to impress their brand upon peoples brain matter.  It's simply redonkulous.  Here are some real examples that I've documented:

  • ITC-Welcomgroup (this is their main brand)
  • WelcomCroissant
  • WelcomAssistance
  • WelcomKulfi (some kind of desert)
  • WelcomMeal
  • WelcomKathi (kathi is a type of Indian food that is vegetables or chicken, etc. wrapped in paratha, an Indian bread)
  • WelcomNet
  • WelcomSlumber

Went out to dinner last night with some Pearson colleagues and some offshore vendor fellows.  The food was incredibly good and great conversation was had across the board.  One of our friends here in India took to drinking straight vodka and not eating...the entire dinner.  By the end of the dinner, he was smashed and trying to pull off a sales treatment, unbelievably funny..

Noting that the hotels and other buildings here accomplish wifi networks inside of their building by putting up poles with directional wifi antennas outside of the building and pointing them into the rooms and lobbies.  Interesting approach and a hell of a lot cheaper than running cat5 throughout the hallways..

Tomorrow, on our last day we are going to an archeological site that has ancient temples and caves called Mahabalipuran.  Really looking forward to the adventure.  In addition, we are going to try to locate some green (unroasted) coffee beans.  This is a big coffee region of the country.

Really looking forward to coming home at this point...


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