Thursday, November 6, 2008

India Trip - 2008.11

So, heading to India with Alejandra & Vijay.  Stops include 3 days in Bangalore and 5 day in Chennai.  Purpose - establish offshore teams for the rumba effort; UI/UX (already exists to a large extent), Engineering, and QA.  We'll be defining the rumba domain for them, describing our stakeholders and strategy, technologies in play, and collaborate on our initial process for moving forward.

Path to India is Indy-Chicago-London-Bangalore.  Coming back is the reverse except we'll be starting at Chennai instead of Banglaore.

Also, for shits and giggles - I'll have my phone's gps on a various times and that will automatically update the Google map on this blog so family & friends can follow along and see where I'm at, get a sense of what I'm seeing.  In addition, as it's much faster and lower-fi, I'll be twittering throughout just because...that's fun for me.  Those tweets will also show up here on the blog or you can follow along via

Heading to the airport in a few mins, will keep in touch!


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