Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sunday Morn

Sunday morning, about 8am.  As usual, couldn't sleep much last night, sleep patterns all messed up.  Woke up at about 4:30am, fiddle-farted around trying to sleep, didn't happen.  So, took a shower and now eating pastries (in the pastry shop here in the hotel), drinking coffee, reading news (and of course writing this post).

Yesterday we decided to take a walk, just see anything, whatever.  We were immediately attacked by men wanting to drive us around, show us sights, take us shopping.  They were relentless, not ceasing to follow and nag for a block or so.  A nice man helped us across one of the crazy ass streets (freaking taxi's, motorcycles, cars everywhere) and gave us some advice on where to walk.  We took it.  Shortly thereafter he shows up with a taxi (little 3 wheel dealio with a small 2 cycle engine) and offered to drive around to a few places.

Was nice at first, saw an old king's palace (now a government building, no visitors allowed), which is ginormous and several city blocks long/wide, and such.  Then, as usual coerced us into visiting a few shops that he gets kick backs on for taking tourists to.  That was a pain in the ass, they just constantly berate you to buy something.  I survived with only buying some spices and tea.  Alejandra didn't fare as well and bought some pashmina's.  Anyway, was annoyed and just wanted to get back to the hotel at that juncture.  Sick of being nagged to buy shit, I just want to see some stuff and take pictures.  It's hard to impossible to get that here.

Anyway, sunday morning - not sure what the day holds, maybe nothing much more than drinking tea & Kingfisher beer, smoking cigars, and reading.  But who knows.  If something arises, I'll take pics and post of course..


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