Friday, November 7, 2008

Bangalore, India - Sat Morning

We arrived in a very foggy/smoggy Bangalore without incident.  The captain on the plane referred to it as "hazy".  Hazy my ass, it's like soup out here.

It's about 5am on sat morning here and the temperature is about, I'd say - 65 degrees.  Our driver and others are wearing jackets because they said "it's cold to them".  I laughed at them, they said well, this is very cold for them and they're not used to it.

We landed in the brand new airport here, only open about 3 months.  Bought some cigars, exchanged money to get rupees (sp?), which are about 44 per US dollar.

Feeling pretty rested and ready for the day but have absolutely no clue what's on plan actually.

Just passed a new golf course in the city which had huge nets along the side next to the road to prevent golf balls from exiting and hitting cars I presume.  The nets were about 4 stories tall I'm guessing.

More later..


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